Top Penny Auctions

Our mission is to provide user-tested advice and information on every penny auction out there to help find the best penny auctions to bid on. Let our experienced reviewers help you develop a winning strategy on the best sites.

Rank Auction Features  
Top Penny Auction HappyBidDay Reviews Free to play auctions, Buy It, fast shipping, great products Bid Now
Top Rated Penny Auction Beezid Reviews Variety of play, Beezid Sniper, lots of electronics Bid Now
Best Penny Auction zBiddy Reviews Lots of gift cards, great options for beginners, limited bidders/competition Bid Now

What is a Penny Auction?

Great question! Penny auctions work on a pay-to-play auction format. This means that to join an auction, users have to first sign-up, and then buy bids to play on the site. They place bids on items they’d like to win, and the clock counts down. As it gets to the final seconds, the clock resets – usually adding 5, 10, or 20 seconds - to give all the bidders a chance to keep the auction going. Once it finally counts down to zero and there are no more bids, the last person to place his bid wins it for the closing price. Learn more about penny auctions here.

The penny auction industry has grown quite a bit in the past 10 years. While several penny auction websites have come and gone, few have stayed in business long. has reviewed some of the best and most-established penny auctions, including Quibids, HappyBidDay and Beezid to name a few.

Penny Auction Bidding: Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Confused about when and how bid? Looking for some tips on how to get the best deals from penny auctions? We’ve compiled a fool-proof guide to help you do just that. And best of all it’s a FREE penny auction guide!

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