Wellbid.com Review: Scam Alert?

We hate seeing this type of news, but it looks as though there may be another scam in the penny auction world. This one broke on PennyAuctionWatch.com this week, and all the signs point to an illegitimate operation.

WellBid SS

At first, there is nothing truly out of the ordinary. Loud graphics, lots of auctions, good variety. The penny auction looks like many others we’ve reviewed here. But doing a little digging, some of their advertising doesn’t add up.

Inconsistent closed auctions: On a top banner, WellBids claims to have facilitated some 386,000+ closed auctions. Yet on their ended auctions paginated index, it only shows about 17,000 (give or take). This is about 4% of their claim.

Odd blog: Their blog is supremely weird. Not weird like quirky, weird like suspicious. The entries are posed as if they’re written by users. Each entry has a similar outline. “I was skeptical, but tried anyway, and I won!”

Scam complaints: According to pennyauctionwatch.com and Scam Book, at least one person has won with no item to show, and has not had so much of an acknowledgement email from the company.

Overall outlook: This stinks of something fishy. Until you can gather confirmed reports of legitimacy, we recommend staying away.


Wellbid.com Review: Scam Alert? — 9 Comments

  1. Can you briefly explain how I can get started to bid? Thank you….and if I don’t win a bid, how about my money transaction? Explain more about bidding cards you put on auction

  2. Just enrolled onto the Wellbid.com site. Tried for three items over this evening – the same result. The items had 2 bidders (running on autobid) and I joined in. When I lapsed concentration and didn’t bid for one round, one of the autobids won the goodies. I was bidding consistently for maybe two hours or more and when my attention was distracted and therefore not bidding for about 10-20 seconds and then pow the item of interest was ‘won’ by one of the auto bidders. This maybe just coincidence, I have no way to proof it but I feel I have learnt a lesson. I also paid by paypal lets see if I can get the remains of my money back.

  3. Same as Patrica. Started yesterday and tried a couple of auctions. Understood the method, waited patiently for two users to be engaged and got in. Same experience, not even the time to set an autobid and – uh – one of the two won. Moreover, all users have similar nicknames, it is clearly a scam. Reported to Paypal and asked for money back. It needs to be closed, definitely.

    • I have won several items and paid through paypal but have yet to see the items. This web site is a scam.Do yourself a favor and stay away. I was also biddinng on an item with autobid and I have bids left but it awarded the item to a questionable autobidder. I have contacted my credit card company and am filling a fraud complaint to get my money back. STAY AWAY

  4. I am one of the victim! I lived in Bali and use wellbid.com in Indonesia. But when I tried to open the wellbid.com in another country (for example U.K.), it was strange that the so-called “BIDDER” names who bid a product (completely different product compare to the wellbid.com in Indonesia), they were THE SAME NAMES both in UK and Indonesia wellbid.com. There goes my money!

  5. It is not a scam, it works fine. Some auctions are worldwide that’s why you see the same pseudo wherever you are in the world Edwin. For those who think they will get their money back, I really doubt that you would see your money again, you have played and unfortunately you have lost, do you think the opportunity to win would be free? It is like playing loto without buying a ticket. This is not a scam, the rules are clearly explain but you have to understand that even though the winner usually makes a good profit it is because the other bidder paid partly for it. Some player are clearly unbeatable willing to spend thousand of dollar just to make a reputation. I don’t think the website has any secret bots to increase the auction value, there are just some crazy people (sometime they joined together to give the relay to one of their friends, maybe that explain the similar pseudo, sarah). Anyway, the website is working fine, meaning that there are more people loosing that winning…

  6. I tried a few times and got quickly bored, emailed Wellbid for a return of remaining funds and informed that was part of the T&Cs, not sure of the legalities of that. It appears this firm is based in Cyprus, so you may have problems recouping any funds, agreed it feels like a scam.

  7. I joined this weekend paid 27.50 for credits and won two auctions robot hoover and wireless charger for my phone total value 439 . I have emailed my validation and await confirmation I will keep you all informed of my progress.. but I will add this my user name does have digits in it so as for a few of your remarks about user names I find this untrue

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